published on:  2017-02-11

Posted by:  Rizwan afridi

Indoor mapping , in every sense of the word has clear advantage over traditional static systems. Being a mobile and having the ability to scan while moving is more practical, thus saving time for the acquisition scan. Most importantly, it remain truly accurate throughout its function of geo spatial data collection. This argument is supported by the more traditional road going mobile mapping systems (MMS) A natural progression for indoor scanning using mobile theories, was always the next revolution. However, accurate location has always been a stumbling block for indoor mapping. this frontier has now been breached with our specefic LiDAR-based SLAM technologies, ensuring the system is completely nan reliant on GNSS localization.these siugnals have always had issues to penetrate the interior of building , also no INS, IMO, nor GNSS are used on our system, exellent value for money, id passed directly to the end user.




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