Infrastructure Scanning Services

published on:  2017-02-26

Posted by:  Rizwan afridi

UTILITY SURVEYS AND INFRASTRUCTURE MODELLING In order to achieve optimum efficiency and operational effectiveness, it is critical that current and forecaster infrastructure and utilities are developed correctly. Pipe work With our advanced surveying and modelling techniques we can provide a comprehensive analysis and critical assessment of infrastructure and utilities, to help you optimize the efficiency of your working systems. By analyzing data points collected with our scanning technology, we can create accurate 3D models of the systems currently in place. This provides unique and extremely useful information for engineering projects where our as-built models save time and money in the design and construction phases. Cutting edge laser scanning technology allows us to generate virtual as-built models of infrastructure, as opposed to traditional 2D design plans, so we can help to effectively eliminate potential expensive errors in a construction phase. By surveying a construction site with millimeter accuracy, we can provide revolutionary cost saving design plans that effectively eliminate the potential for error in building operations.




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